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Chef/Cook Sponsorship

Our agency is specialized in Immigration/Recruitment service over 25 years Immigration purpose. Our services are by assist you finding TSS/RSMS sponsorship, search through suitable job for you unlimited, that is related to your Career and Qualification that you obtained in Australia.

We work with employers experiencing skill shortages and in particular in the regional areas of Australia, some of these include: Automotive Engineering, Construction Industry, Childcare | ECT Educator, Hospitality, Managers, Accountants, IT, Agriculture to name a few. In many cases the employers are able to provide RSMS and TSS sponsorships for onshore and offshore clients. With this, we provide general and specialized recruitment services and with a large and extensive database of employers in Australia. We are highly efficient and have an accomplished track record in placements of same.


We are currently looking for Chef to work along with friendly group of colleagues. 

- Relevant experience more than 2 year be completely up to date with current food trends and proven experience in managing a team within a quality venue 

- AQF Associate Degree such as Certificate III/IV in Commercial Cookery, and (Advanced) Diploma of Hospitality 

*TSS or RSMS/ENS (Permanent Residency PR) Visa sponsorship available for the right candidate!*Requirement:

-More than 2 years professional experience

-Relevant Qualification 

-Minimum IELTS 5 each(TSS)or 6 each (RSMS/ENS)

If you feel you have the relevant skills and experience to be considered for the position, then please submit your resume to sienna@rsmsaustralia.com.au or along with your enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Sienna Jang 

Recruitment Consultant


+61 403-099-553



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